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Experts in 3D graphics developments

With a strong background in 3D CAD and Virtual Reality based developments, we specialise in all aspects of 3D graphics, from simple productivity enhancing scripts in AutoCAD to full fledged plug-ins and applications for SolidWorks, Rhino, etc. Having worked for a number of small, medium and large organisations we have developed a niche way of seamlessly integrating into your CAD systems. Our vast experience with a number of high performance graphics libraries and VR hardware and software makes us one of the most versatile experts in the field.

Our range of skills include:

    3D Graphics/CAD programming
    • Curve/surface/solid/point-cloud analysis and optimisations
    • Parametric modelling, CNC code generation, bespoke programming and linking to Manufacturer’s databases
    • AutoCAD VBA/LISP, Rhino VBA/C++ plug-ins; SolidWorks programming, 3ds Max scripting
    CAD Modelling
    • 3D modelling in a range of applications
    • SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Rhino 3D, 3ds Max
    Virtual Reality developments
    • Solid understanding of VR software and hardware (3D stereo displays, interactions, scanning, tracking, haptics, …)
    • Range of platform experience: OpenGL, OpenSG, OpenSceneGraph, OpenGL Performer, Cosmo3D, wxWidgets

Check out the links below for past examples of our projects.

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3D scan data optimiser
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Low cost footware designer
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